27kW PV System

Sylvan Glen – Penrose, NSW

Sylvan Glen is a wedding venue in the iconic Southern Highlands of NSW. The venue also operates a golf course and over-night accomodation. This region is prone to blackouts and intermittent power issues. The final project included a PV system, full switch board rewiring and included options for future generator supply.

Project Details

PV System



Trina 370W x 73


SolarEdge 27kW x 1



Sylvan Glen is set on a rural property with ageing electrical infrastructure. The power usage was not well understood as the venue has peak loads during the weekends and night time. Energy monitoring was required to accurately size a PV system.
Our experienced electricians proposed a replacement of the main switchboard and rewiring of the meter panel to ensure safety and compliance. An energy monitoring device was installed for a 3 month period prior to the installation. This ensured the PV system could be accurately sized.

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