99kW PV System

Dapto Citizens Bowling Club – Dapto, NSW

The Dapto Citizens Bowling Club has been a local institution for over 60 years. Like a lot of local businesses, they had noticed their power bills rising year after year. SunPeople were asked to provide a solar solution to offset as much of the club’s daytime power usage as possible.

Project Details

PV System



Trina 365W x 272


SolarEdge 82.8kW x 1



The club has very high daytime power usage, mainly due to the HVAC system. The solar panel design was carefully planned to make use of all available space. Careful attention was paid to shading from light poles and AC units on the roof.
We selected a 99kW PV system to offset as much of the daytime power usage as possible, while still claiming the STC discount (eligible for systems up to 99kW). High powered panels and the SolarEdge inverter system were chosen to mitigate the effects of shading.

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