99kW PV System

7 Storey Office Building – Wollongong, NSW

SunPeople were engaged to design, supply and install a 99kW PV system onto a high rise commercial rooftop in Wollongong CBD. The scope of the project was to install enough PV capacity to offset airconditioning costs.

Project Details

PV System



Trina 365W x 273


SolarEdge 27kW x 3


Schletter Klip-Lok

Limited roof space posed a significant challenge to install the capacity required. A package of high-powered panels and an optimised inverter system was required to attain the 99kW of PV. The prominent location and high traffic areas also presented design complications.
With careful management, SunPeople successfully completed the installation within the 6 week time frame, with minimal disruption to the building tenants’ strict requirements. The 99kW PV system is outperforming production estimates.

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