- Anonymous

50% cut on my power bill from Winter and my daughter has long showers. Our previous usage was 1500kWh now to 20kWh on last power bill and we sold $15 back to the grid.

- Anonymous, Oak Flats

Beautiful install, very pleased with the results. Our previous bill before solar was $170 our first bill after install was $26.95 in credit!

- Jennifer Haviland, Kannahooka

I am really happy with the appearance of the install. Because of the way my roof is, you don't really see it, except when I am out the back hanging my washing and look up and think ‘Oh I have panels on my roof’. But I don't mind the look of them because they add value to your home.

- Jo Golab

SunPeople offered what I asked for. They arrived when scheduled and completed the install in one day.

- Anonymous, Shellharbour

SunPeople weren’t pushy and provided a better-quality package than their competitors. They were quite knowledgeable about the technology and the benefits.

- Anonymous, Figtree

I choose SunPeople on customer service. Dave explained everything to me at my level. How it works, what's best for our house and level of power use in our house, also a comparable price. They provided excellent information, with at home inspection and booklet of info.

- B & G Arnold, Roberston

Dave was great. Talked about different products and prices. Was very clear and spoke plain. Really good install, right place, and good installers. Our first bill was reduced by $150.

- Ron Simcock

Local! Everything local! The only person we got a quote from, Dave really impressed me. We had a conversation he wasn't a hard sell. It gave me confidence he knew the answers and did exactly what he said he would do.

- Tim Koning

Dave was wonderful and professional. Dave, Doug, and crew were fantastic and were happy to bend over backward for the customer.

  1. Came out to the site, face-to-face
  2. Pulled out a ladder got on the roof, physically looked at the job and measured it out.

- Andrew Flahive, Tarrawanna

The team provided me with expert solar knowledge and information on my system. They brought me up to date with all the technology they have to offer.

- Jim and Carol Wallace, Kanahooka

I was very happy, the install was done in a timely manner from the time I signed up with SunPeople. I am an advocate of solar and tell people about SunPeople whenever I can.

- Paul Small, Oak Flats

Dave is very knowledgeable, he gave us the information we didn't even think of.

- K & J Moore

We really liked how helpful Dave was, he spoke very clearly and helped us with the computer part. Our first bill since having solar was only $17.60.

- Geoff and Chris Bray

Installation was completed very promptly and we were amazed how fast the entire process occurred as it was just before Xmas 2017 and we are very happy with the installed end product.

- Linda Goodman, Oak Flats

We chose SunPeople because they are a local company. Dave’s knowledge and professionalism was a reason we went with SunPeople, really easy to talk to. The install was right on the date given, no hold up. And in addition to that, the installers were extremely easy to talk to, really nice, answered questions my husband had on the day and worked very very hard.

- Glenn Scott, Shellharbour

We have a pool that runs for 10-12 hrs a day. I trusted Dave and went with his recommendation. I trusted SunPeople enough, to value their recommendation and know I was getting something good.