What is Solar Power and how will it work for me?

Solar Panels capture the sun’s rays and convert them to solar power (the inverter enters here, but we will talk about that later) that will power your household appliances, your lighting and much more.

With solar power, your cup of coffee will always be hot, and your fridge will always be cold!
Looking for more information, and ask us anything, we love to talk about solar power.

Here comes the technical jargon, but don’t worry, you can be sure SunPeople will guide you all the way, selecting the right product for you! (That’s because we are local, and we care).  We love talking about our products and we’re here to help you understand how it all works!

Trina is a company committed to making affordable, sustainable energy available to everyone, achieving this through technological innovation to create a cleaner future for all. Trina, founded in 1977, is one of the world’s largest solar panel manufacturers and has earned its reputation as a trusted brand.

Vigorous testing

The Trina Honey Module is one of the solar industry’s most trusted solar panels. It has been tested for the Australian market at universities including the Australian National University and the University of Queensland.

10-year Product Warranty / 25-year Power Warranty

The Honey module comes with a 10-year product warranty and a 25-year power warranty. 

Trust and Reputation

From one end of the supply chain to the other, customers can trust the quality and reliability of Trina. As one of the most efficient and competitively-priced Tier 1 solar panels in its class, it’s easy to see why we recommend the Trina brand. These panels are designed to perform well in low light conditions, making it one of the most efficient standard crystalline solar panels available in Australia.

Winaico solar panels offer unrivalled performance and durability with one of the best warranties in the industry. Started in 2008 and with offices in over 25 countries including Sydney Australia.

Winaico has achieved multiple awards globally

More importantly, they have been tested and have proven their superiority to withstand the extreme conditions of Australia’s climate. Installed and tested by the Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre in 2012, the Winaico solar panels have shown the least degradation over the years tested compared to leading Tier 1 brands.

Mandatory testing

Winaico has gone above and beyond by undertaking additional extensive analysis. The results have exceeded all expectation – offering a solar panel they can truly stand-by, with market-leading efficiency, insurance and warranties.

Two years of free insurance

The two years of free insurance comes standard with this product,  plus there is an option to extend for a further five years. The insurance will cover your panels from any kind of material damage, natural disasters, theft, storms, hail damage or anything else you, or nature, can throw at it. Compensation for loss of yield production is also covered. Insurance coverage begins once installation has commenced – giving peace of mind you have invested wisely.