Your inverter is at the heart of your Solar Power system…

The inverter is the next step in capturing the sun’s rays. The inverter converts power from your solar panels into usable electricity for your home or business.

SunPeople’s Inverter products are tested for and matched with, the Australian climate to ensure you maximise your solar power all day, every day.

Here comes the technical jargon, but don’t worry, you can be sure SunPeople will guide you all the way, selecting the right product for you! (That’s because we are local, and we care).  We love talking about our products and we’re here to help you understand how it all works!

Sungrow Inverter Features
  • Attractive case design & easy to use app
  • Utilises iSolarCloud app for Online Monitoring 
  • Increased safety with surge protection function 
  • Low noise (No Fan)
  • ~98.4% efficiency
  • Transformerless design
  • Dual Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)


  • Industry leading efficiency of 98.4% 
  • Flexible PV string configurations


  • Built-in surge arresters & RCD 
  • Cutting-edge technology ensures long life time


  • Attractive case design & easy to use app

Fronius, an Austrian company, was established in 1945. They are highly regarded for their efficiency, reliability and advanced features, such as built-in WIFI connectivity with system monitoring software, Fronius have proven themselves as one of the market leaders in inverter technology.

High performance and efficiency

Today, the business unit is a pioneer in the field of renewable energy. Under the motto “24 hours of sun”, Fronius is presenting its vision of a future without relying on fossil fuels. Offering some of the highest performance, efficient and reliable inverters on today’s market, Fronius showcase characteristics rarely matched that allow oversized and uniquely designed PV systems.

Impressive efficiencies

Fronius offer inverters for single phase, three phase, hybrid and large commercial situations. Fronius’ residential Primo range offers impressive efficiencies of 98.1%. Fronius Eco offers a perfect solution to meet all requirements for any large installations while maintaining an efficiency of 98.2%.

SolarEdge has taken a unique approach to converting solar power, and in the process has created an inverter system that outperforms all others.

The SolarEdge difference

The SolarEdge system uses DC optimisers, which are installed under every panel to allow maximum power performance at all times. Further benefits include; increased efficiency, safety and reliability, with individual panel monitoring

Future Proof

As leaders in the development of solar products and accessories, SolarEdge has a solution for every situation. Shading issues, battery storage and electric car charging are all taken care of. SolarEdge also boasts some of the longest warranties in the industry for added peace of mind when selecting these amazing products.

The Enphase Microinverter is a highly efficient inverter that converts the DC power at the solar panel. This means each solar panel acts independently which increases the overall performance of your system.

More power per module

Enphase Microinverters have revolutionised the way solar systems are designed and installed. Microinverters get the most power out of each module by allowing all panels to act independently.

Safety and quality

Safety is built into the Enphase system, with advanced monitoring and a full-system design which eliminates DC cabling in your home. Enphase truly stands behind their product with a market leading 10-year warranty.