Whatever your solar power needs, you can be sure that we’ll meet them. Your relationship with Sun People doesn’t end after the sale: our package includes the installation of your new solar power system as well as ongoing maintenance and advice, as you begin generating and storing solar power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all the products we offer are sourced from the largest, leading solar manufacturers in the world, through official Australian distribution channels. Our products are proudly detailed on our site, with trusted brands such as SMA, LG Chem and Winaico, which all have Australian based offices. Many solar companies come and go, leaving the consumer with problems if warranty issues arise. Sun People are here to stay and will provide our customers with any after sales support required.

The ‘Tier’ ranking system was designed to help large-scale projects and investors select products from the world’s most ‘bankable’ manufacturers. A company that has achieved Tier 1 status does not necessarily have the best panels, but they have passed the test for financial institutions to lend money against their products. The Tier ranking system can be a good way to filter through lesser-known Chinese manufactured panels, but should not be substituted for understanding a panel’s performance, efficiency and warranty program.

Sun People are here to help, while on site reviewing your solar options we are happy to offer other advice and simple tips to reduce your power bill and energy demands on your home. We can review your:

  • Hot water system
  • Heating and cooling in your home
  • General appliances
  • Lighting
  • Other technology options such as batteries

A successful and efficient solar system relies on an accurate energy assessment being completed as the first step. Every quote Sun People deliver will be designed and customised for you. To assess your needs, we will ask questions about your home, family and previous energy bills, this will help us put together accurate Solar performance statistics that will offer details on expected energy yields, savings made and much more.

Sun People will not sacrifice quality over quantity. This is proven by our commitment to quality products and advice after point of sale. Our installers are our own people, assuring our labour guarantee. We are a face to face business, we won’t be selling you a system over the phone. We believe in visiting the site, understanding your needs and tailoring the best package to suit your household or business. 

Don’t be fooled by salesmen over the phone trying to talk you into as many panels as you can fit on the roof. A more accurate review is required. We will assess and understand how much and, more importantly, when you need that power. With this knowledge, we can offer you a system that will be beneficial to your pocket and the planet.

YES!! Rebates are still available for new or existing solar systems. These rebates are available to both households and businesses in the form of Renewable Energy Certificates. Read more here – Renewable Energy Certificates

Yes, there is a battery option to suit every situation. However, adding batteries may require further upgrades to your system. Call us today and we can advise you on what is needed. If you are installing a new system, we can allow for specific items required for future batteries.

This answer varies site to site, further information can be sourced on websites that offer carbon saving calculators. A local site we have installed with a 5KW solar system estimates a saving of 4.56 Tons of C02 per year, that’s 114 Tons of C02 savings over the lifetime of the system! That’s the equivalent to taking 24 cars off the road for a year!

Once your new system is installed our qualified technicians will walk you through your new or existing system, to help you understand your product. We advise following all manufacturers’ instructions to ensure your panels are cleaned once a year from any debris or bird droppings, this will ensure your system works efficiently and safely for many years. Sun People recommend an annual service, as per Australian Standards for solar installations, to test and maintain the electrical parts of your system. All our inverters offer products to review your systems’ performance on a phone or tablet. Feel free to call if you believe your system is not working to its full potential.

SunPeople offer a maintenance  service. We can clean your solar panels, or provide a System Safety Inspection service that includes cleaning  your panels and an ‘all parts check’ – ensuring everything is up to scratch.

We also offer a repair service, if your system stops working.  We’ll check out what’s gone wrong, either fix it on the spot or come back ASAP and fix the broken parts.

The installers were well presented, punctual and cleaned up after themselves, we were very happy with the service
Christine Di Bella
Right from the start we were met with professional enthusiastic people, they explained the entire installation to us and how it worked
Ruby Furness
I found the team to be reliable & friendly, nothing was too much trouble
Justin Chinnock
The solution isn't coal, though - it's storage
Paul Graham (CSIRO energy division's principal research scientist)
I think the obligation on us and every country in the world is to move as quickly as we can towards zero emissions electricity.
Dr Finkel (Chief Science Advisor)